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Accordingly, we are opposed to any teaching that undermines assurance of salvation for believers, either by denying our present justification, or by questioning our experience of the Spirit, or by requiring the performance of certain religious observances as necessary for salvation. All the words of the Bible are God's words.

Introduction to the Book of Philippians

They are not only true, reliable and authoritative, but God's sufficient means for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training his people in every age. Whatever else it may entail, or however it may be supported, all Christian evangelism and ministry centre on the prayerful speaking of the Bible's truth. Accordingly, we refute any view that diminishes the Bible's authority, such as those who place the Bible under the authority of the Church or scholarship. We also oppose the claim that sections of Scripture are erroneous e.

5 Important Bible Verses About Perseverance | Jack Wellman

We also stand opposed to any view that rejects the Bible's sufficiency by claiming access to new or fresh revelation—whether by ecstatic experience, words of knowledge, meditative contemplation, church councils or liturgical ritual. As those living between the resurrection and return of Christ, we rejoice and give thanks for all the good gifts we receive from God's hand in creation. We also count it all joy when we suffer the inevitable trials, illnesses and persecutions of this present evil age, knowing that in his goodness, God uses them to prove and strengthen our faith. In the midst of our trials, we entrust ourselves to God and devote ourselves to doing good, confident that he will deliver us, either now or in the age to come.

We long for the resurrection of the dead and the new creation, which God will bring decisively in his own secret time, and in which all the blessings won by Christ will be experienced in their fullness, including freedom from sickness, pain, injustice, poverty and death. We also lament how many are in love with this present world and its pleasures, rather than longing for the age to come.

Book of Philippians Introduction and Summary

By their nature, these glorious gospel truths demand not only to be proclaimed and contended for, but also to be lived. To assent to these truths without also enacting them in our lives is neither to understand them nor really to believe them. Thus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and with our hearts compelled by the love of Christ, we declare our determination to:.

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1 Peter 4:12-19, Suffering and Persecution

Contact Help Advanced Search. If there is a test, there is a tester, we need to remember that nothing happens outside the will of God. As such our suffering is not meaningless, but has purpose. This is required of us to complete the life of faith, the unmovable, unshakable commitment to Christ.

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