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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Italian writer. Retrieved 19 July La Repubblica. Recipients of the Bancarella Prize. Categories : births deaths People from Naples 20th-century Italian novelists 20th-century Italian male writers 21st-century Italian novelists Italian essayists Italian film directors Italian male actors Italian television personalities Italian engineers Bancarella Prize winners David di Donatello winners Nastro d'Argento winners Italian male novelists Male actors from Naples 21st-century male writers.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Luciano De Crescenzo. The traditional Neapolitan presepio has many characters, some would say up to 72, who were discussed in a previous blog post.

Gesu' e' nato a Napoli

Often, the modern presepio will incorporate political themes , or theme's from the spiritual life of the family that builds it: favored saints, etc. The following prayer, posted by this lovely church website with plenty of information about Neapolitan folk Catholicism, can be said while standing before any nativity scene. It can be said by one person alone, or better yet, the different lines can be given to different members of the family as indicated. What I love about this prayer is it demonstrates how material culture is used as a jumping off point for personal spirituality.

Each element of the presepio inspires another line about the ways in which we hope to come closer to God. All: Lord Jesus, I come before your presepio with my heart full of trust and tenderness.

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I want to be like the shepherds who, in the middle of the night, woke up to come and see the Savior. Open my ears to hear the song of peace sung by the angels, and my eyes to see in you the Prince of Peace. May I recognize you as the Messiah in my life and bring me into your presence, as I see was done for your father and mother in this presepio.

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You come into the world to reconcile heaven and earth. Come reconcile me, as well, with the Father. I want to be with you for a little while in your cave: only those next to you will find peace and repose, my doubts become certainties, my troubles become stillness, my sadness becomes joy, my anxiety becomes serenity.

The duomo of Naples and Feast of San Gennaro

In this space, my sorrow will find relief, I will take courage to overcome fear, I will refill myself with generosity in order not to give in to degradation and to resume the journey of hope. Mother: Mary, I see in your face similarity to Jesus. You gave birth to the One who is our reconciliation. Make me like Him, to be Mercy like him. Father: Saint Joseph, teach me to protect the presence of God within me as you have protected Baby Jesus and your wife Mary. Help me, along with the help of the Holy Angels, to recognize the devious attacks of those who would kill in me the living presence of the Lord that the Father has wanted for me since the day of my Baptism.

May I, after the visit to this presepio, guard Jesus and Mary with the same love that I can admire in your eyes. Children: Holy Angels of God, continue to be as today the voice of God that calls me, inviting me to rise up out of the darkness in which I fall because of my weaknesses and sin.

Il nuovo libro di Luciano De Crescenzo, Gesù è nato a Napoli (Mondadori)

Voglio essere come i pastori che nel cuore della notte si sono alzati per andare a vedere il Salvatore. Apri anche le mie orecchie per sentire il canto di pace degli angeli e i miei occhi per vedere in te il Principe della Pace. Tu vieni nel mondo per riconciliare il cielo e la terra.

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Vieni a riconciliare anche me con il Padre. Rendimi somigliante a Lui, per essere come lui Misericordia. Angeli, a riconoscere i subdoli attacchi di chi vorrebbe uccidere in me la presenza viva del Signore che il Padre ha voluto per me nel giorno del mio Battesimo. Figli: Angeli Santi di Dio continuate ad essere come oggi la voce di Dio che mi chiama, invitandomi ad alzarmi dal buio in cui cado a causa delle mie debolezze e del peccato.

In Italy as in other parts of Europe, the feast of Saint John the Baptist or San Giovanni Battista is inextricably tied to magic, witches, and divination. Celebrated starting the night of June 23 into the day of June 24, the feast was popularized as a Christian alternative to or innovation on?

Carol Field writes in Celebrating Italy p. This is one of my favorite Southern Italian folk traditions. It's also said to be one of the oldest. Although performed on the feast of Saint John, many recognize this as the survival a propitiatory rite to the Great Goddess Ceres or Demeter, who rules over the fertility of the earth.

The rituals surrounding the Muzzuni are focused on finding love, and thus also may call upon Aphrodite and Adonis. In these rituals, young women dressed in white dance to love songs sung by male musicians. The Muzzuni is constructed with an uncorked wine bottle "headless", like Saint John himself , which is then stuffed with grains, covered with a handkerchief, and ornamented with precious metals. The Muzzuni is often placed between two oil lamps in front of a colorful tapestry.

You can see examples of the Muzzuni here , and in the video below! As his name implies, Saint John the Baptist is often associated with water in regional folklore. In particular, the dew which collects overnight between June 23 and June 24 is believed to be magically potent. This dew can be collected, some say ideally by a woman who has fasted and who recites the Ave Maria as she goes about her business. This dew can then be combined with certain herbs and left out under the moon to gain magical potency. One Italian source describes the following as standard herbs used in the preparation of this potion, or to be dried and used in other magical workings until the next St.

Piazza del Gesù Nuovo

The acqua di San Giovanni , properly prepared, is believed to increase beauty while protecting against the evil eye, envy, and curses. Saint John's Eve was a traditional time of love divination, when young men and women would contact the spirit world to gain insight into their marriage prospects. One such divinatory spell involved melting lead and dropping it into cold water, where it would freeze into shapes which could then be interpreted according to traditional symbolism.

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This ritual was often undertaken following a novena which lasted from the evening of June 15 until the vigil of the feast. Of course, if lead is difficult to get a hold of, or if you are concerned about the possibility of lead poisoning, you could also perform this ritual with an egg in water.

To do so, it is advised to find a large, clear glass and fill it with water. Then, crack an egg and separate the whites from the yolk.

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