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You will be exposed to a course of study that will challenge you on a daily basis. The Academy course of instruction covers multiple disciplines as describes above, in a very short period of time, requiring active classroom participation, and demonstration of your understanding of the topics through ,evaluative processes. All instruction at the Academy is based on Adult Learning Theory that is significantly different from the formal education processes you are familiar with from elementary, high school, and college.

You will be expected to be an active participant, use appropriate problem solving and decision making skills, demonstrate understanding by practical application, and display cognitive comprehension at various levels.

Good study habits are essential. You can expect to study at home an average of four hours each night in order to be successful. There are mulitple written tests in the Academy. There are also practical application tests for firearms qualification, vehicle operations, and advanced tactical skills. This is a six- day practical evaluation of your ability to apply everything you have learned during the Academy in a simulated patrol environment.

Written tests require a minimum passing percentage score. This percentage varies from test to test. The Police Recruits must pass all tests, including, written tests for each instructional unit, practical problems for each instructional unit, firearms training, defensive tactics, fitness training, emergency vehicle operators course EVOC. There are 36 test points in the Academy. Failure of any test point will result in a written academic counseling. Recruits will then be given up to four hours of reinforcement training, if applicable, and then re-tested.

Recruits who pass the re-test will rejoin their class. Failure of the re-test will result in a recruit failing that unit of instruction. Recruits who fail a unit of instruction will be remanded to an Academy academic review board. The board will determine if the recruit is eligible for recycle to the next academy class or if the recruit will be terminated from the Academy. Recruits can only be recycled one time.

The Academy setting has proven to be a challenging and a rewarding experience for the Police Recruits. Once the Recruits have successfully completed the Academy, they graduate and receive their commission and the title of "Police Officer I. The goal of this program is to prepare new officers to perform as patrol officers in a competent, safe, and productive manner under the dynamic and sometimes, uncontrolled conditions of the street.

This program is approximately 24 weeks in length. The new officers ride and work with up to nine different field training officers while they are being trained and evaluated in the program. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Academy Candidate, The goal of the LVMPD Police Academy is to provide you with the best possible law enforcement instruction in a professional, motivating, intensely challenging, and disciplined environment.

He trained mental health professionals in the aftermath of the Jonesboro shootings, and has been an expert witness and consultant in several murder cases including those of Timothy McVeigh and Michael Carneal. In the year , Col. William L. He served as a sergeant in the U.

Law Enforcement Training

Army Military Police Corps. He served in field operations, investigations and support services, and completed his career there as the director of training.

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He has a BA in criminology from St. He has published several articles in professional periodicals and has lectured nationwide. During his career, he has served as an evidence technician, youth officer, supervisor of the Major Accident Investigation Team, patrol sergeant, trainer, training coordinator, and Operations Commander. Since retirement he continues to publish and teach basic and advanced courses at the academy and college levels. Chuck Mader has over thirty years of progressive experience in the law enforcement profession.

Chuck has also been a sworn police officer for the Village of Bloomingdale since Currently he is the Deputy Chief, serving as second-in-command of the police department. David W. Since David W. He is a national trainer and has delivered a diverse variety of instructional blocks to thousands of law enforcement officers, emergency and protective service personnel as well as private citizens.

As a trainer and presenter, he has been featured as a speaker at many professional conferences and workshops. David is the author of many written contributions to various publications, periodicals and professional journals nationwide. In David was assigned Jail Transition Team duties for Kenosha County to work in concert with design and construction professionals for the construction of a new bed Detention Facility, and a bed Pre-Trial Detention Facility.

Upon completion he assumed the Detentions Division Command responsibilities to develop the operational programming and policies to operate the new jail facilities, and manage the inmate population.

Basic Law Enforcement Training

A husband, and father of three, David is a career law enforcement professional. Sergeant Raymond A. Ed holds a B. A recipient of many prestigious awards, Ed has been judicially recognized as a use of force expert in many courts across the nation and he has taught various use of force programs both across the nation and internationally. Ed is a survivor of six separate shooting incidents, and he has authored a number of books and over law enforcement articles. Eric holds a B. His current assignment is as a School Resource Officer. He is the survivor of an encounter where the subject he and his partner confronted was fatally shot, which was ruled a justified shooting.

He has taught across the nation in various Use of Force topics and regularly teaches Traffic Stops with Lt. Mark is a part time Staff Protection Trainer for Hertfordshire Constabulary in the UK, and for the last four and a half years has been back on uniformed patrol duties in a neighbourhood team. Mark has been teaching in the law enforcement field for over 23 years. He is a use of force specialist and has many years experience in teaching confrontational management skills, including escalating to the lawful use of deadly force.

Rick has walked the walk on both sides of the street when it comes to law enforcement — media relations. First, he was and is a journalist. Rick left broadcasting in In he began a new career providing media relations training to agencies of law enforcement around the country. In those nine years he has trained thousands of officers from hundreds of local, county, state and federal agencies. The media relations manual that he wrote to accompany his training is considered one of the definitive publications on law enforcement media relations.

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  • Guy Rossi is a retired Police Sergeant of the Rochester, New York Police Department who specialized in patrol, recruit, field training and defensive tactics instruction. He has been a nationally recognized law enforcement trainer since His experiences in officer survival skills have been published in over two hundred magazine articles and chapters in books on training. Laura L. He has 34 years police experience and 38 years of college level teaching experience. He served as a field training officer and an in-service training coordinator for the department and was the lead Arrest and Control Instructor at the San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy.

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    He is an active law enforcement trainer with LS Enterprises. Chuck Soltys is a 24 year law enforcement veteran. He began his career as a municipal police officer in in Illinois, serving three years in the patrol division and two years in the criminal investigations division. In , Chuck joined the U.

    During that time, he was responsible for the coordination and training of DEA agents and task force officers as well as state, county, and municipal police officers in the five states that comprise the Chicago Field Division. He is currently assigned to a general street enforcement group.

    Chuck holds numerous instructor certifications and has instructed extensively in the United States as well as South and Central America, Africa, and Europe.

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    • Chuck has written numerous articles and is a contributing writer to PoliceOne. Louis Metropolitan area, Tony Zanti served twice in the US Army, first as a member of the military police and then as a medic, also gaining brief but meaningful training in the intelligence and special forces fields. He holds a B. Expert witness, tactical journalist and author, he wrote three books and over one hundred articles — mostly in Italian — on the subjects of security and tactical training. Philip A. He has a B. A veteran of four years in the U.

      DPS Law Enforcement Training Courses

      Army where he attained the rank of Captain, Phil also spent fourteen years in law enforcement, reaching the rank of Lieutenant. He has extensive experience in patrol, investigations and police management. The number of in-service training classes, programs and workshops increased from in to in It was the fifth such certified training agency in the nation.