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Are you ready to wake up from the trance of modern day busyness and truly embrace this one precious life? In this practical and deeply empowering course, you will learn to cultivate a deep and enduring sense of happiness and fulfilment.

The Enemies of Joy

Not the rose coloured shiny type of happiness, but the happiness and sense of well-being that allows you to feel strong, resilient and fulfilled, even amidst the challenges of modern life. Access the course here.

How to find moments of joy to balance your mind.

Listen to the course introduction 2mins. Listen to Day One 18mins. We all have both a natural desire and capacity for inner happiness and fulfilment, sometimes we just need a little guidance and support in knowing where to look.

During this nurturing, practical and deeply empowering course, you will learn how to grow a deep and enduring sense of inner happiness and fulfilment. You will discover that happiness is not a destination, nor a quality some people just naturally do or don't have. You will learn that we all deserve to be happy, and that happiness is available to all of us, regardless of our life circumstances.

In less than 20 minutes a day you will receive both inspiration and practical tools for a life of happiness, fulfilment, meaning and purpose. You will discover how to transform everyday experiences into opportunities for happiness and how to transform these fleeting moments of happiness into a deeply felt, enduring sense of well-being and fulfilment. The type of happiness that fosters resilience within individuals, connection within communities and compassion for the world in which we all live. What an empowering and rewarding way to interact with your one precious life.

This course consists of 30 audio lessons that each have an educational and a practical component.

Meditation for Enduring Happiness – SUMERU BOOKS

In short, there is about 8 minutes of me talking about different theories, practices and ideas relating to happiness, and then about 10 minutes where we practice what we have just learnt through meditation and mindful awareness. During each lesson you will also be asked to think creatively about your own life, and how you can weave these practices in, ensuring that the learnings from this course live on in your mind, heart and in your actions long after than 30 days are complete.

The SECRET to Happiness ~ A Sleep Meditation

This course can be completed at anytime that suits you, all you need is an open mind and a journal. This has given rise to generations of Japanese monks and nuns whose primary practice is sitting meditation. In modern times, the art of meditation has mainly been associated with Asian spiritual traditions such as Theravada, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism, to name but a few.

Western interest in Eastern religions and philosophies seems to have begun in earnest in the 19 th century due to colonialism and improved means of transportation and communication. In those days it was mainly the domain of scholars and missionaries. This period saw the arrival of meditation masters from the East who were invited to share their skills and knowledge with interested students.

Research: The Key Ingredient to Genuine Happiness

There were also many western students of mindfulness who were able to travel east and train under great masters in India, Thailand, Burma and other Asian countries, then bring their understanding of mindfulness and awareness practices back home and share it. One of the most influential figures in the sphere of mindfulness today is Dr. His program, MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction , has been instrumental in bringing the benefits of mindfulness practice — without any religious overtones — to the public attention and scientific communities worldwide.

Since its origins nearly 30 years ago, MBSR has entered the public consciousness. To continue learning about mindfulness meditation, explore the Mindworks App.

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Mindworks offers a rich and varied selection of instructive videos, guided meditations , and blogs geared for practitioners of all levels. Where meditation is concerned, Mindworks is what you need to get you started and keep you going. A Brief History of Meditation. Previous Next.

Mindfulness Meditation May Enhance Psilocybin Treatment

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